Custom Products

Adchem offers both the qualified staff and complete engineering capability to create new adhesive systems or modify one of our hundreds of adhesive tape products to meet your needs.

Modification is often the most efficient and economical way to achieve new performance based on the vast array of adhesives, which Adchem has at its disposal. We can alter the performance of an existing product with changes in the coating thickness, new carriers, and even combining two different adhesive systems in a "hybrid" product.

Product performance can be altered by:
  • Increase or Decrease in Adhesive Coating Thickness on One or Both Sides (Caliper)
  • Use of A New or Different Thickness Carrier (PET, PP, PUR, Tissue, Foams)
  • Switching to a Transfer Tape or to a Double Coated Tape
  • Combining Two Different Adhesives in a Double Coated "Hybrid" product

At times it is necessary to develop a completely new adhesive system and while a rigorous process we have found we can create competitive advantage for our customers with a truly collaborative design and engineering effort. 

Below we have provided a list of considerations we will need to review to build your new product.  While not a complete list of information needs it is important to understand the depth necessary to engineer a successful product.

  1. Substrates to be Bonded (both sides) 
  2. Expected Performance  (Peel, Shear, Tensile, Cleavage, Loop Tack)
  3. Operating Conditions  (Temperature Range, Chemical Exposures, etc.)
  4. Assembly Methods (Laminating, Kiss Cut, Rotary and High Speed Rotart Die, Water Jet)
  5. Finished Width (Also ability to pilot test narrow widths)
  6. Finished Roll Length
  7. Annual Volume and Ramp Up Requirements
  8. Evaluation Processes and Duration of Tests
  9. Specifications
  10. Timeframe for Development

The Adhesion Requirement Document serves as a guideline for all the information we need for designing a new product or recommending suitable products that we may already have. Please download the document, complete it to the best of your ability and send it back to us. If you require further assistance please contact your Regional Sales Manager.