Adchem Supplies its products coated with two Major types of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Formulations.
Carrier is a means of supporting and separating adhesive coatings. Also known as the web or backing. Carrier Types include,
Release Liner is the protective paper or film covering for the adhesive to prevent 'unwanted' adhesion and contamination of surface. Major Liner types offered are,
Adchem manufactures pressure sensitive tapes in three basic physical construction types.
Our adhesives bond to a wide array of substrates including films, foams, metals, plastics and numerous coatings. We have specific expertise in bonding to Low Surface Energy materials and coatings. Click to see the variety of materials that we work with.
Adchem meets and exceeds many specifications for Automotive and Construction markets. Click to to see the specs and tested products. 
Adchem serves dozens of market niches as well as the listed major markets. Our value to you is that we are skilled in assessing your requirements for any given market to speed your selection of products for evaluation and assisting in testing to your substrates in our certified test facility.
Our tape products are used in variety of applications across different markets and industries. Click to see the listing of applications.