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    Adchem provides presentations covering a wide array of specific applications and the products we offer as well as information about our company, capabilities, and facilities.


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650 Family of Adhesive Tape Products For Low Surface Enery (LSE) Bonding
650 Family of Adhesive Tapes for Low Surface Energy (LSE) Bonding
Adchem Technical Support - Case Studies & Success Stories
Brief presentation highlighting Adchem's technical Dept. capabilities and examples in providing unmatched support to our customers including a few case studies and success stories.
PSA 101- Understanding PSA's
A must read for those who want to understand the basics of PSA's. Includes Terminology & definitions, How PSA's work, PSA Tape constructions,Surfaces, Tests etc,..
The ABC's of Glazing PSA's
Glazing Pressure Sensitive Adhesives - Best practice for Vinyl windows