• Frequent Questions and Glossary

    Tape has its own language, so we thought it would be helpful to explain what we are talking about.. Attached are a combination of frequently asked questions and a glossary of tape terms and measurements. If you have a question please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions and Glossary of Terms

A2LA: American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) was established in 1978 as a non-profit, public service, membership society dedicated to the formal recognition of competent testing and calibration laboratories, inspection bodies, proficiency testing providers and reference material producers.Adchem maintains an A2LA accredited laboratory.
Requests for a specific Automotive Specification should be directed to the Regional Sales Manager or Technical Service.
SCOPE on A2LA Website (Link to Adchem Scope:http://www.a2la.org/scopepdf/1413-01.pdf )
Accreditation: Adchem is also ISO 9001 certified. Adchem maintains an Accredited A2LA laboratory.  FORWARD REQUESTS FOR A2LA INFORMATION TO TECHNICAL SERVICE
Acrylic Adhesive: A pressure-sensitive adhesive formed by the polymerization of acrylic ester monomers. These adhesives exhibit high temperature resistance, excellent U.V. resistance and good aging characteristics.  Has a moderate initial tack and requires 24-48 hours to "Wet-Out" and reach "ultimate bond".
Adhesive Residue Removal: Most Adchem products are "Permanent Adhesives". Strong solvents like MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) or Toluene will remove adhesive residue from metal surfaces. Solvents such as IPA may also work but will take greater effort and time.Note that solvents can damage or remove many surfaces and that the surface to be cleaned should be tested first. Follow all MSDS/label precautions for safe handling and use of any solvent used.
Adhesive Types: Adchem manufactures RUBBER and ACRYLIC based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive [PSA] tapes. Adchem does not manufacture Silicone adhesive tapes.
Application Temperature: Adchem recommends that our products be applied between 60°F and 80°F. Product should not be applied at temperatures below 50°F.
CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons): Adchem products do not contain CFC’s. Adchem products do not contain CFC’S (Chlorofluorocarbons) in its formulations and they are not a reported component in any raw material utilized in the manufacture of our products. However, these substance may be naturally occurring and/or be present in a raw material below detectable/reportable limits.
Double Coated: A Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) consisting of a carrier with similar or dissimilar adhesives applied to both surfaces.
Heavy Metals: (Including Lead, Mercury, Antimony, Bismuth, Arsenic,..) Adchem products do not contain Heavy Metals  Adchem products do not include these Heavy Metals in its formulations and they are not a reported component in any raw material utilized in the manufacture of our products. However, these substance may be naturally occurring and/or be present in a raw material below detectable/reportable limits. Adchem products are RoHS and REACH compliant.
IMDS (International Materials Data System): The IMDS is the automotive industries material data system, where all materials used to manufacture an automobile are documented. The information is entered and obtained through a Web Portal. (IMDS NUMBERS FOR ADCHEM PRODUCTS DIRECT ALL INQUIRIES TO CUSTOMER SERVICE)
ISO 9001:2000 Certified: Adchem is ISO 9001:2000 Certified. The ISO 9000 series of standards relate to quality management systems and are designed to help organizations ensure they meet the needs of their customers and other stakeholders.Forward requests for documentation to Quality Supervisor/Manager
Latex and Natural Rubber: Adchem products do not contain Latex or Natural Rubber. Adchem products do not contain Latex or Natural Rubber in its formulations and they are not reported component in any raw material utilized in the manufacture of our products. However, these substance may be naturally occurring and be present in a raw material below detectable/ reportable limits.
LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is an internationally recognized green building certification system intended to use resources efficiency and improve indoor environmental quality. Adchem does not currently offer LEED Certified adhesive systems
Low VOC [Volatile Organic Compounds]: The Adchem 6940 family of automotive interior adhesive tapes were developed to comply with the VOC limits as defined by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association.Adchem 6940 family of products includes a transfer tape, double-coated Mylar and double-coated tissue. See Technical Bulletins and Sell Sheets for complete descriptions.
ODC’s (Ozone Depleting Compounds): Adchem products do not contain ODC’s. Adchem products do not contain ODC’s (Ozone Depleting Compounds) in its formulations and they are not reported components in any raw material utilized in the manufacture of our products. However, these substance may be naturally occurring and be present in a raw material below detectable/ reportable limits.
PSTC: The Pressure Sensitive Tape Council is the North American trade association for tape manufacturers and affiliate suppliers, dedicated to helping the industry produce quality pressure sensitive adhesive tape products in the global marketplace. PSTC provides education and training, works with ASTM and global trade organizations to harmonize test methods and monitors legislative and regulatory activities.Adchem utilizes PSTC Test Methods in the quality control testing of its products.INFORMATION FROM PSTC WEBSITE
Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive: (PSA) A term used to designate a distinct category of adhesive tapes which in dry (solvent free) form are aggressive and permanently tacky at room temperature and adhere to a variety of surfaces without the need of more than finger or hand pressure. They require no activation by water, solvent or heat.
REACH: REACH is a European Union regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. DIRECT ALL INQUIRIES TO CUSTOMER SERVICE
RoHS: The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (ROHS).Adchem products are RoHS Compliant. DIRECT ALL INQUIRIES CUSTOMER TO SERVICE
Rubber-Based Adhesive: A pressure-sensitive adhesive made with natural or synthetic rubbers, offering a high initial tack with good shear strength and temperature resistance. It is not recommended for direct UV exposure or use with plasticizers.
Service Temperature: Adchem provides Service Temperature information as a means to help characterize the adhesives temperature resistance. Please note that this data is based on limited testing and under no load. The practical service temperature of this or any adhesive system is dependant on variables including the substrates being bonded, environmental conditions, and the loading and method of application. The purchaser is responsible for determining the suitability of this or any product for their particular purpose and process.
Shelf Life: Adchem products [As Received] have a one year shelf life* from date of shipment.*Shelf life does not apply to finished goods as further processing, part design, substrate compatibility and storage conditions are applicable factors which are beyond Adchem’s knowledge and control. Adchem disclaims any warranty express or implied with respect to fitness for a particular purpose.
Silicone:  1) Used in the manufacture of our Liners, Silicone is used as a Release Coating so that the adhesive can be removed from the liner. 2) Silicone used in the manufacture of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. Adchem adhesive systems do not contain silicone. The release coating on the liners we use that are in contact with the adhesive is based on silicone chemistry. We have not tested for silicone migration into the adhesive that may have occurred due to this contact. In any case such migration of free silicone is expected to be minimal.
Silicone Adhesive: Adchem does not manufacture silicone adhesive systems.
Single-Coated Tape: (1-Side-Coated) Tape consisting of a carrier with adhesive applied to only one side. SPECIALTY PRODUCT ONLY
Slitting Width [Minimum]: Adchem's minimum stated slitting widths are by product type:For Double-Coated products, the minimum width is 1/4"For Standard Transfer Tapes, the minimum width is 6"For Fiber Reinforced Transfer Tapes, Inquire with Sales Management. Non-standard requirements must be reviewed with management
Storage Conditions: The ideal storage conditions are 72°F at 50% Relative Humidity. It is recommended that product be stored at temperatures between 60°F and 75°F and Relative Humidity’s between 40% and 60%. Avoid storing product in direct sunlight or in close proximity to heat source. Rolls should be stored upright and if practical, leave in original packaging until time of use. Shelf life* is 1 year from date of shipment when stored under proscribed conditions.
Surface Energy: Surface energy, expressed in dynes/cm, is the measure of how well an adhesive wets out over the surface to which it is applied. Substrates with low surface energy (LSE) do not readily allow adhesives to wet out while materials having high surface energy (HSE) provide better wet-out and better adhesive bonds. Rubber-based adhesives typically bond better to LSE materials. Adhesion to some LSE substrates can improve with time.
Surface Preparation: Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA) must be applied to surfaces that are clean, dry, and free from grease and oil.
Transfer Tape: (Unsupported, Free Film) An unsupported pressure-sensitive adhesive on a release liner that has been release coated on both sides with different release levels.
Wet-Out: The ability of an adhesive to flow uniformly over the laminated surface to which it is bonded. Resultant bond increases as a function of time and pressure.