Solvent Free Adhesive Tapes

Solvent free low VOC Tapes
In response to a growing demand for environmentally friendly adhesives, Adchem has engineered a new family of acrylic tapes. The 1140 series features a low VOC, environmentally-friendly solvent-free acrylic adhesive formulation. The 1140 series exhibits high adhesion to medium and low-surface energy materials and is suitable for variety of applications in the automotive, and Industrial markets. Designed for high performance, durable-bonding, low VOC applications, the 1140 series is a cost-competitive product that includes multiple thickness options as well as both unsupported and scrim-reinforced structures.


  • Laminating and bonding applications to high, medium, and low surface energy materials .
  • Bonding rough and porous materials such as non-wovens, felts, foams, and fabrics.
  • Automotive interior mounting.
  • Automotive acoustic/insulation mounting

Product Characteristics, Features and Benefits

  • Solvent-free acrylic adhesive
  • Low VOC, environmentally friendly adhesive
  • Glassine liner provides good moisture resistance and easy release
  • Broad range of service temperatures
  • Available with Polyester scrim reinforcement or unsupported form

  • Conformability to flat or curved surfaces
  • Good wet out on rough and porous surfaces
  • Highly cost competitive
  • Tested to various Automotive OEM specifications

Solvent-free Tape Products

Product Adhesive Type Tape Construction Liner Carrier Tape Family

Transfer Tape
55# Glassine Liner
Not Applicable
1140 High Performance, Low VOC, Solvent Free Acrylic Adhesive Adhesive System