Engineering and manufacturing high performance adhesive tapes for over 50 years.

Why The Adhesive Tape Engineers?

Your product is critical to your success. We are a company of over 100 including Ph.D’s, chemists, engineers, and executives dedicated to Adhesive Tape Engineering and creating the perfect product matched to your application.

  • Over the past 50 years, Adchem has manufactured 100’s of millions of square yards of high performance pressure sensitive adhesive tapes

  • Adchem is flexible, small enough to quickly respond to changes in requirements and large enough to provide millions of square yards annually.

  • Adchem manufactures over 275 products on 25 million square yards of coated surfaces with complete traceability under our ISO 9001-2008 certification.

  • We primarily serve major North American markets including: Automotive, Construction, Graphics, Medical, and Transportation.

  • Our products consistently out-perform our competition in application, design, manufacture, performance and logistics management.

  • We are certified as a Responsible Tape Manufacturers by Pressure Sensitive Tape Council. Our test labs meet ISO 17025 for tape testing.


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