The Adhesive Tape Engineers
Manufacturing resurgence in North American markets demands new and innovative materials and manufacturing processes requiring reliable high performance, engineered specialty adhesive tape systems.

After 50 years of serving major North American industries, Adchem is uniquely positioned to solve your materials bonding problems providing 3 levels of product and engineering support:

• Hundreds of off-the-shelf proven products supported by:

• Expert applications analysis
• Technical Service testing
• Proactive testing and publication of bonding systems for new foams, finishes, and LSE substrates

• Engineered variations to standard products employing:

• 50 different rubber and acrylic adhesives with caliper variations, alternate liners, and new carriers

• Engineered new product design and development

• Proven development process with hundreds of applications based on detailed substrate, application, fabrication, evaluation and logistics analysis R&D and executive level collaborative project management

Adchem has designed its product application analysis and new product engineering for a flexible scaled response to unique challenges which smaller companies lack the resources to address and at the same time respond to individualized needs larger companies simply cannot.

We are committed to the industries we serve and are active in our industries’ standards bodies, often taking executive leadership positions and/or leadership in standards committees.

Our website reflects our open engineering support for our customers. The Adhesive Tape Search system is the most complete parametric search in our industry providing engineers worldwide, recommendations for adhesive tapes that should be evaluated for their specific application.

We invite you to tour our website and begin engineering your next adhesive tape with Adchem - the adhesive tape engineers.