• Our Capabilites

    We offer a vast array of coating, converting, technical and R&D capabilities

Adchem provides adhesive tape products for fastening, bonding, laminating, mounting, holding, splicing...virtually any adhesive mounting application. Our double-coated and transfer tape products will meet your most demanding industrial or consumer requirements.

We also offer you the advantages of many complementing capabilities, including custom product development, slitting, sheeting, spooling and custom coating of fabrics, paper, foils, foams.

Adchem The Adhesive Tape Engineers Trademark
Adchem The Foam Bonding Adhesive Tape Experts Trademark

ISO 9001:2015

Berry Riverhead plant maintains certification to ISO 9001 quality management standards. It confirms that Adchem maintains a consistent and independently verified method of managing its quality process. With the internal development of a common set of manufacturing and related procedures, Adchem ensures that our quality management system continues to meet and exceed these standards.

A2LA Accredited Laboratory

Adchem's testing laboratory is A2LA accredited (ISO/IEC 17025 Cert#1413-01). A2LA recognizes Adchem as being technically competent in the use of PSA test methods listed in the scope of accreditation and perform tests on adhesives, sealants, gaskets, seals and packing's. Wherever our customers use our data or test results, they can be certain that they are achieved following specified laboratory procedures with appropriately calibrated instrumentation. With this accreditation, Adchem ensures that the information reported by our laboratory continues to meet high standards.This recognition does not imply approval by A2LA of the products tested.

Adchem adheres to the test methods of the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC), providing you with the results that are consistently measured the same way from lot to lot.

Application specific Custom test methods are designed to meet your product's specific performance requirements with same attention to process and validation we engineer into all our products.

Manufacturing Facilities

Riverhead Plant

Our 200,000 square foot facility is located in Riverhead, New York on 64 rolling acres. The manufacturing facility meets or exceeds all regulatory compliance in the areas of environment and safety.

Adchem Plant Aerial View

Aerial View of Adchem's Riverhead Plant

Adhesive Formulation & Coating

We have the capability for In-house formulating, mixing, and compounding of adhesives. Our state of the art coating machines are capable of coating Hot-Melt Rubber, Solvent Rubber and Acrylic adhesive systems.

Production Coaters:

Adchem has several full production coaters which cater to customer demands day and night.

  • These coaters are capable of coating 100% solid hot melt adhesives or Solvent based (or water based) adhesives.
  • Capable of handling rolls up to 63” wide and 40” in diameter.
  • Can coat at speeds of 30 FPM to 500FPM depending on product mix, adhesive viscosity and caliper/thickness.
  • Adhesive calipers (thickness) ranging from 0.5 mil to 5 mils can be easily coated.
Adchem Production Coater
Adchem Production Coater
Adchem Production Coater
Salient features of Coating Machinery:

  • Automatic turret liner and film unwinders.
  • NDC Beta gauge system.
  • Laminating station.
  • Coating station.
  • Integrator station.
  • Chill roll station.
  • Automatic turret winder.
  • Double arm extruder kneader mixer.
  • Solvent dryer.
  • Corona treater.
  • Thermal oxidizer.

  • Pilot (R&D) Coater:
    Primarily used for experimental or trial runs, the new pilot coater has multiple coating head capability with improved controls and drying capability. With additional investments and modifications made internally, the pilot coater can handle a wide range of fluid viscosities and chemistries.

    Adchem Pilot Coater
    Adchem Pilot Coater


    Adchem operates a full fledged multi-faceted converting facility. With the available machinery, we are also capable to produce dry edge material, sheeted tape laminates and spooled tape rolls. With enclosures around some simulators we provide a clean environment for electronic, medical, and other special customer requirements.

    Adchem Slitting Machine
    Adchem Slitting Machine
    Adchem Slitting Machine
    Converting equipment capability:

    Semi-automatic narrow width high speed slitters: Custom designed and fitted with patented differential rewind shafts. Twin turret design allows non-stop slitter run while the dropped rolls are removed and the next set of cores are loaded. A PLC is designed to keep all of the set ups and ‘recipes’ in its memory. This makes set ups faster and easier and guaranties the slitter output to be of high and consistent quality
    Semi-automatic high speed slitters: State-of-the-art equipment especially designed to make three to five ‘logs’ in each cycle at high speed. The ergonomic roll removal stand adds to safety of operation while non-stop running of the slitter occurs.
    Baloney Slitter: One high volume, high speed baloney slitter produces all of the narrow width large diameter foam rolls. This slitter is capable of producing 3/8” wide to 1-1/2” wide slit rolls. One set up allows the 63” wide rolls to be slit down to narrow width in one cycle.
    Large Slitters: Several large slitters to slit and rewind ‘log rolls’ on twin mandrel shafts. Two slitters have enclosures to enable ‘clean slitting’.
    Small Slitters: Several small width slitters to slit and rewind narrow width rolls on a single shaft.

    Adchem's massive converting operation

    Adchem's massive converting operation

    R&D and Technical

    Adchem offers qualified R&D and Technical staff and complete engineering capability to create new adhesive systems or modify one of our hundreds of adhesive tape products to meet your needs. Adchem's testing laboratory is A2LA accredited (ISO/IEC 17025 Cert#1413-01).

    Adchem R&D Equipment
    Adchem R&D Equipment
    Adchem R&D Equipment
    R&D Wet Lab:

    Adchem’s wet lab has the capability of mixing adhesives and coating substrates for several functions including developing new adhesive formulations, engineering lab prototypes for R&D. Equipments used include lab Coaters, Lab Mixers, UV Curers etc.,

    Adchem R&D Equipment
    Adchem R&D Equipment
    Adchem R&D Equipment
    R&D Analytical Lab.

    FT-IR Spectrometer:
  • Used to identify functional groups present in adhesives by measuring the frequencies that are associated with the vibrational and rotational states of molecular bonds.
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter:
  • Measures the thermal properties of the adhesive by measuring energy absorption thereby characterizing transition temperatures such as the glass transition temperature of adhesives .
  • Automated Tensile Testes with Environmental Control Chamber:
  • Extension tester used for peel, loop tack, dynamic shear, elongation and backing liner tests.

  • Adchem R&D Equipment
    Adchem R&D Equipment
    Adchem R&D Equipment
    Environmental Testing:

    Adhesive tape is tested under controlled environmental conditions of temperature, humidity and UV exposure as specified by various ASTM, PSTC and other applicable industry standards

    Environmental Test Chamber:
  • Temperature ranges from -100ºF to 392ºF.
  • Relative humidity ranges from 20% to 98%.
  • Temperature and humidity can be varied cyclically to mimic environmental conditions
  • QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester:
  • Uses UV lamps and moisture sprays to reproduce damage caused by sunlight, rain, and dew.
  • Exposes materials to alternating cycles of light and moisture from room temperature up to 175ºF.
  • Static Shear Testing:
  • Measures the time to resist a static load .
  • Helps evaluate cohesive strength of the adhesive .
  • Automatically stops clock when the weight falls
  • Technical Service:

    Wide array of testing services at your disposal, including comparative analyses; application simulation; A2LA accredited testing and more.


    Documented and practiced quality management system from order entry through manufacturing to our customers. Complete traceability from raw material components through all processes to your end product. Served by our documented development process

    To further ensure premium quality, Adchem maintains a designated quality lab to provide additional testing.

    • Lab kept at standard temperature (73.4°F ± 3.6°F) and humidity (50% ± 2%) to meet ASTM and PSTC test method standards.
    • Chart recorder tracks temperature and humidity.
    • Lab and lab personnel are audited by A2LA for compliance to ISO 17025 standards.

    Adchem R&D Equipment
    Adchem R&D Equipment
    Adchem R&D Equipment

    Adchem R&D Equipment
    Adchem R&D Equipment
    Adchem R&D Equipment